Drain relining repairs
– the no dig underground drain repair

Compared to digging up your yard, a drain relining repair is cost effective, saves valuable time and has much less impact / destruction on your property. We can either reline the entire pipe system, or we can repairs “patches’ to the problem areas… which saves even more money.

We use the latest technology for drain blockages

We use specialised drain relining equipment and camera technology to pin-point the exact location and determine the issue. We can then go ahead and repair the pipe. This method is ideal for areas that can’t be accessed easily or have permanent structures above them.

Our drain relining repairs can bond to all types of pipes, whether they’re for sewer or stormwater. This includes terracotta and PVC.

Drain relining will fix cracks without the hassle of completely uprooting the surrounding area. We locate the cracks using our drain camera and location equipment, then seal the pipe by inserting a liner into the existing pipe. This method saves you money, time and the frustration of having large areas dug up.

Once we have the lining in place, the drain will be structurally stronger than the original one. Tests have proven the liner once cured is SEVEN times STRONGER than new PVC.

Cracked drainpipe located underground beneath apartment carports

Drain reline sock fitted inside the cracked pipe repaired underground without digging

Repaired drain through the CCTV camera

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